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Timothy Ho Complaints & Reviews

Timothy Ho / data contract

Nov 13, 2017

Renewed my contract to the Red More Data, 150 minutes, 25 sms and 10 gigs data. Shown on the first quote was 10 gigs promotional data postpaid, valid for 3 months, over and above the allocated 10 gigs. All done on the 31st October 2017. First week into the new month of November I get a popup to the My Vodacom app to check my balance. A whopping R 1745, 00. Not what I signed for, Vodacom now charging me for the promo data. When questioned they first stated that it was a proposed quote, not yet finalised. Furthermore more when asked about the promo data balance, why it wasn't reflected...

Timothy Ho / Sexual Harassment

Jun 18, 2012

Timothy has sexually harassed a number of his employees but continues to get away with it because he fires complainers and witnesses.