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Feb 20, 2013

Timeshare Hotlist lures clients by promising that they have clients waiting to rent your timeshare. They point you their website to show they have links with various pretigious organizations such as PGA that need rentals. After you pay for the listing, you never hear from them and they continue to say they are trying to actively rent your timeshare. I'm not normally such a sucker, but they were very convincing. Hopefully this complaint will save the next person. I wish I had read complaints first. - Florida, Orlando / not returning money

Feb 22, 2012

i got spam in this company and they never called me or any offer on my timeshare. I called about every month for 2 .5 years they kept tell me that they it being show at differ location and companies. when i sign up they said if i sell it i would get my money back (spam) not right at all. the only time you would get it back is if they sold it for more then you are selling it. I sold my timeshare back to my timeshare place for a differ week so we have no payments. but was cheap then what I want for it by . I try to get my money but they DON'T give money back. if you...