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Tiburon Financial LLC Complaints & Reviews

Tiburon Financial LLC - Nebraska, Omaha / Customer Mistreat


After receiving a collections notice on March 27, 2010 for a product charge that I had canceled back on September 22, 2009, I called Tiburon to see why I was being charged. The man that answered was instantly extremely rude. He did not hear out why I was even calling, he just asked for the account number listed on the letter and instantly went into his "script" for dealing with calls about this company. He did not listen to anything I had to say or any questions I had. He kept repeating that I didn't cancel within the trial period and that all of these people keep calling in because they...

Tiburon Financial LLC / Rude Collector


This lady was the rudest person I have ever encountered. Not only did she allude to very rude personal remarks about me, but actually lowered her voice and one point and said you can just f--- off and hung up on me! i had tried to call back on the caller ID number but it was not a incoming business line. I cant wait for her to call me again. I don't have the letter they sent me, but hopefully another one will come. She doesnt deserve to be working. The conversation was so weiered. Like she is a bi-polar crazy! If you ever talk to her. record her calls and turn them over to an attorney!

Tiburon Financial LLC / The representative was so nasty and disrespectful


I know that the rest of my money was due for my car. I attempted to settle my debt, even after it went to Tiburon Financial. After trying to settle other debts, I miscounted by bills which made me overdraft. When I tried to explain what happened, the rep just cut me off and went on hollering that I better find a way and I need to manage my money better, on and on. I felt offended because I could have ducked them but I tried to be an adult. Something needs to be done about people like that.