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Thom McAn Complaints & Reviews

Thom McAn - New York, New York / Brown Shoes

Nov 18, 2013

I bought a pair of brown patent Thom McAn shoes whilst on holiday in New York in March this year. I liked the shoes and enjoyed wearing them. However, I did not expect the sole to split and the heel to disintegrate after a couple of months of wear. My biggest complaint however, is that there isn't a contact site where you can inform customer service of your dis-satisfaction. I would welcome any advice on what I can do and whether there is a sister store in the UK that I can return the shoes to. Thank you.

Thom McAn / Scam charges


I purchased a pair of Thom Mcan shoes from my local K-mart last week. This is the first pair of Thom Mcan that I have ever purchased. I wore the shoes two days last week and two or three days this week. I looked at the heel of the shoe today and it is coming apart from the actual shoe. I paid $24.99 for this pair of casual work shoes and did not expect to only be able to wear them a couple of times. I would expect that buying a pair of "off brand" shoes at Payless, but not a pair of Thom Mcan's. I have heard so many positive things about the shoes and how comfortable they are, which I do...