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Theta Technology Complaints & Reviews

Theta Technology - Arizona, Phoenix / Class action law suit!


This is to any one out there who has received sub par service from ipower or has been lied to by there technical support. I am working on putting together a Class Action Law Suit against this company. In order to do so, I will need the support the any one who has had dealings with them and had to move there hosting because of it. If you would like to join us in this venture. Please email your horror story with ipower to. [email protected] making sure the subject is clearly labeled. So I am able to file your compliant away and build up a strong case against them.

Theta Technology - Arizona, Phoenix / Scam tech support!


This company will lie right to your face, I asked them to update the whois information on 3 of my domains, I received an email from them stating then have done what i asked, then 4 days later another saying they they could not do as I asked because the I fed the domain whois info bogus information and no i cant update it. Now i must pursue action with the BBB against them or transfer the domains just to update my whois information. I beg of any one going to use this company for any thing not to. It is a mistake and they should be shut down!! They are liars and a scam artists. This is not spoke...