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Therma Tru Complaints & Reviews

Therma Tru - Massachusetts, Norton / Door

Jan 02, 2016

Purchased a Therma Tru front door in Oct 2013. The first winter the door was fine. The winter of 2014/2015 was a long snowy winter but with a new front door and lifetime warranty we thought we were set. The door started to leak and failed. The water got in between and the door swelled and became unusable. Contacted Therma Tru to file a claim since they have a warranty. First was told by management that this past winter was "an act of god" and the warranty on that fact is null and void. Really, when has snow in New England been an act of god!!! Contacted the BBB and realized that there were...

Therma Tru / Rotten door

Apr 23, 2014

At 2.5 years one of our Thermatru doors was rotten, though it has a lifetime warranty. Thermatru inspected and found that defective assembly at Huttig, the exclusive Thermtru supplier., Had voided the warranty before the door even left the shop at Huttig. So we asked Huttig to replace the doors. They agreed, but would not deal with 3 point lock replacement or glass replacement, they agreed only to replace the slabs. We complained again to Thermatru., Thermatru then re inspected using UTS. Thermatru now says there is no warranty due to the swelling of the doors causing the doors to drag the sill...