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The Warranty Group Complaints & Reviews

The Warranty Group / Disappointed

Oct 9, 2011

Our 2008 Nissan Sentra need a new engine only at 71, 000 miles and we bought it when it had 40, 000 miles.We turned in all of our maintaince receipts.We got the oil changes every 3000 miles and they still denied the claim! Do your research on this warranty company before purchasing it. I wish we did! I refuse to do business with CarMax or refer anyone to them as long as they are offering this shaddy warranty. They call it MaxCare- it's misleading. We thought we were purchasing a CarMax warranty!

The Warranty Group / Fraud

Aug 24, 2011

I purchased an extended warranty for a truck I purchased at CarMax. Shortly before my agreement expired, the transmission went out. My mechanic called them, they sent an inspector out (hoping to deny the claim on the basis of presumed negligence), and, as keep an impeccable service schedule, they had no choice but to honor the claim. Against the shops recommendation, they sent cheap, inferior replacement parts rather than GM originals. Lo and behold, the tranny failed two months later. In the meantime, my agreement had expired. They agreed to fix the tranny again, but refused to reimburse my...

The Warranty Group / Home Protection Plan FAIL

Aug 2, 2011

I have a "Home Protection Plan" through " The Warranty Group ." The AC wasn't working properly so The Warranty Group gives me the name of a AC contractor to come out to fix the problem. It needed freon. Two weeks later AC isn't blowing cold air and air flow from some of the vents is poor. The Warranty Group gives the same name for the AC contractor. Comes out and can't find anything wrong with unit but thinks it's the compressor. Next day unit still isn't working call AC guy again and he comes out, has a nasty attitude and says the compressor is bad. I call the company...

The Warranty Group / Don't purchase a warranty

Jul 11, 2011

I purchased a home warranty through the Warranty Group . This was a mistake. The company has so many exclusions on the policy that pratically nothing is covered. I have called about 4 repairs and everytime there is a loophole or an exclusion in the policy that prohibits me from making a claim on the policy. In addition, the marketing materials that the warranty was purchased from does not make this clear which is misleading to the consumer. The company then never sent me my policy and I had to call to ask for it. Basically, the company is happy to accept your money but when it comes to paying on a claim for a legitimate repair they don't follow through.

The Warranty Group - Massachusetts / The Warranty Group - Horrible Company to Deal With


I recently had a Sony television break down and because the company I bought it from, Tweeter, is no longer in business, my warranty was unfortunately being held by The Warranty Group. Overall, a horrible customer service experience. Whether it was answering the phone or making any sort of decision, it took forever. As the holder of the warranty, they never failed to let me know they were in charge. When I was unhappy with the replacement TV set I was being offered since it was cost prohibitive to repair my original TV, I was basically told that I could either take the TV or the cash value of...