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The Maids Home Services Complaints & Reviews

The Maids Home Services / Liars and rude


Overcharge for poor service, quoted at much lower rate. My real estate agent contacted The Maids and told me they (The Maids) would charge approx $200 to clean an EMPTY house (it's less than 1100 sq ft). I said ok; I live three hours away. Received bill for nearly $350!! Agent had been verbally told if it exceeded amount, they would make contact. The Maids did not contact her or me! I told real estate agent I had a real problem with the price they charged. She contacted them. In lieu of lowering price, they supposedly went and re-cleaned it (still not well done). Then I received a phone...

The Maids Home Services / Waste of money!


Simply stated, I did not get my money's worth. When I initially booked the appointment to have my house cleaned (a move-out clean) I specifically asked how long it would take to do a 1600 square foot house and the woman told me 1.5-2hours. At the time I thought this sounded to good to be true (a whole house clean in less than 2 hours), but the woman explained that they are so fast and good because they have all this great equipment and there are 4 of them, "so 2 hours is really 8 hours worth of work". Well 2 hours and $192 dollars later, the house was cleaner, but nothing that I could...