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The Lending Company Complaints & Reviews

The Lending Company - Arizona, Scottsdale / poor communication

Jan 15, 2014

Do not trust this company with your personal information. they never, i repeat, never call you back when they tell you they will. now they have recently sent me an email telling me how good the service was that i got and for me to take the other complaint off of this complaint board. i recently tried to refinance this mortgage after being contacted by one of the employees there. I was told it was easy and minimal paperwork. In reality it was a living nightmare! Every time i was told that i would get a call back i waited an additional day and called them to see whats up. To me it really seemed...

The Lending Company - Arizona, Scottsdale / INCOMPETENT

Aug 30, 2011

THEy HAVE LOST IMPORTANT PERSONAL INFORMATION. THEY DO NOT RETURN CALLS. THEY SAY I QUALIFY FOR 1% LOAn then say no. i am fed up with this company and am cancelling my home mortgage with them. These are the ones who messed up my mortgage dylan james, bobbie ruth and tyson ?

The Lending Company - Arizona, Phoenix / Extremely frustrating to work with.


It took three months and an extend of escrow for this us to close on our house thanks to this company. Their customer service is dreadful. It took literally days for me to get any response to an email I would send to my agent and he would very seldom answer his phone. He treated us as if we were very low on his priority list. It would take forever for him to complete tasks such as schedule the appraiser and contact the title company. I was very, very disapointed in the service. I will discourage any other consumers from using The Lending Company.