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The Jungle & Beach Estate Complaints & Reviews

The Jungle & Beach Estate - Nevada, Las Vegas / K. Greven/Friedman was severely defamed, slandered and set up!

Jul 12, 2012

This lady got severely raked over the coals and robbed badly by her partner, landlords and law enforcement. This was her dream project, business and vacation rental. She poured her whole life and over $75k in her personal life's collection of very rare life sized museum quality animal statuary. She created a resort for all her guests to enjoy, only to find out that her business partner and landlords were totally conniving and schemeing behind her back to steal everything she ever had and cared about for their own greed and gain and they would stop at nothing to ruin this lady's life...

The Jungle & Beach Estate - Nevada, Las Vegas / Erica & Dickson Gil & Shaw Wen

Aug 18, 2011

The owners of this property wrongfully terminated the agreement in a very "dirty" way, forcing the property "out of business" when it was no where near default or violation of any contractual terms. The rent and utilities and any maintenance issues had always been paid promptly, there was never any risk of it going upside down or in the rears. This action was purely greed motivated and was carried out in the most malicious and harmful way to the Property Manager as possible. This action caused the loss of tens of thousands of dollars of forfeited vacation stays to numerous clients, causing...