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The Colon Diet Complaints & Reviews

The Colon Diet / 14 day trial is a scam


Unfortunately I did not find this web site before I fell prey to this companies unsrcupulous business practices. I read the 14 day trial and agreed to the terms. First, I only recieved one bottle instead of two. I cancelled 2 days before the end of the trial, but they sent another shipment and charged me anyway. I disputed with my credit card company and a chargeback was given so I returned the 2 bottles. However, they shipped and charged again. In the end I lost the credit card dispute as well. They got payment for two bottles that I returned. Be very cautious of this company. When I cancleed...

The Colon Diet - California, Sun Valley / Dont try I Was double charged!


I signed up for this company, and the terms says that i get 2 bottles every 30 days for $88.97. Thats fine i understand that. I was charged $177.94 after 13 days or so. Then i only received 2 bottles. that sounds like a double charge. I spoke to the company and they were like too bad, there are no refunds. I immediately canceled my account with them. this is a very Shady company. i don't recommended trying colon pills with this company. no matter how you look at it i got doubled charged, and it was not my fault. I was not charged accordingly, i was double charged. This cannot be argued.