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The Cats of Maou Complaints & Reviews

The Cats of Maou - Texas, Bandera / responsible british shorthair breeders

Jul 17, 2018

I had previously left a complaint about this company, written in haste and out of anger. I wanted to delete the post but it won't be removed. Im leaving a new one in an effort to encourage rather than discourage any prospective buyers. None of their cats have Felv, FIP, or FIV, the trademark of a bad unethical breeder. They don't have worms, parasites, fleas, they don't live in filth, and they aren't neglected. The Cats of Maou is not a large scale kitten mill so great care and attention is given to all of their kittens. Their kittens are well socialized, litter trained, and scratching post...

The Cats of Maou - Texas, Bandera / cat breeders

Jul 10, 2018

I purchased a 5month old male british shorthair from trisha moore, owner of the cats of maou. A few days after having the kitten he stopped eating and drinking water, he became reclusive, and he would pant for no apparent reason. I took him in to see the vet and they were concerned about his rapid breathing and they did an x-ray of his heart and lungs and found he had a slightly enlarged heart. They gave me some appetite stimulants to get him to eat. A few days after this, his health crashed. He could barely walk, he wouldn't eat with the stimulants, he was limp, having trouble breathing...