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Tesoro Gas Station Complaints & Reviews

Tesoro Gas Station - Alaska, Anchorage / assaulted

Nov 27, 2012

The transgender that works at the Tesoro harasses people for the music they listen to, uses his/her sexual orientation as a crutch In life and has the worst customer service, Satan could do a better job. Furthermore he/she got her spouse to attack me while using the air pump while the transgender employee watched the fight go on. Then got a restraining order on false charges against me this place of business is horrible to say the least.

Tesoro Gas Station - Hawaii, Waianae / wrongfully accused

Jun 19, 2012

This morning I was accused of stealing coffee creamers for my personal use at home. I frequent this particular Tesoro everyday for gas and other items. I was humiliated by the clerk in front of other customers. I have my routine which includes taking the creamers home with me to pour into my coffee. Where does it say I have to open them there in front of them. I have seen and heard this woman belittle other customers in front of patrons, which creates a very awkward situation. I dont know her name but she has been there awhile I think she needs to be retrained in the sensitivity department.. Thank you and Aloha