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Tesoro Complaints & Reviews

Tesoro / attendant charges credit price for cash & never puts gas cap on

Aug 27, 2015

RIP OFF BUSINESS - Gas may be cheap but it has bad practices and it is NOT a BP station it is a "USA gas" - at least that is the name on the sign - USA GAS is owned by TESORO and they do not have stations in New York so this company is costumed as legitimate corporation BUT it stole a trademarked name to look official. Every time I go to this station, One particular attendants fails to close my gas cap properly(my car tells me that is a problem and to check the gas cap). I have had this happen to me every time this one guy takes care of my gas. Also he charged me Credit price when I asked for and paid CASH once. AVOID this station - they have not so smart people working there that WILL rip you off.

Tesoro - Idaho, Idaho Falls / accused of stealing

Apr 20, 2011

I went in for my usual refill of a 64 oz Mt. Dew. The lady accused me of claiming the refill price for a new soda. She did it in a nasty way and in front of people. I know it is only the difference of 50 cents, however my character and integrity has no price low or high. She was derogatory and mean. I suggested she check her cameras to see me walking in with my cup. I thought about many other suggestions for her, but I paid for my drink and moved on never to return. I was embarrassed by her attitude and the fact that there were people in line behind me hearing the exchange of accusations and...