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Oct 13, 2014

I made micro-jobs for the website I wasn’t satisfied with the attitude and services, ‘coz I promoted different links and websites, but they didn’t pay on time. They simply haven’t transferred money to my account. I sent them emails each time, after I finished the job. I was sick of it, so I asked them to stop doing it and pay on time, but they continued to do this rubbish. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website. / They started to steal from me

Sep 29, 2014

I registered on the website and paid money for the membership, but this website became the horrible place, so several days ago I decided to cancel my subscription. After 7 days I noticed that they continued to charge me, but I already cancelled my subscription. Scam, scam, scam. I wonder if there are people, who had the same thing. Maybe you can advise me how to stop these fraudulent charges. Please post your ideas and comments. Thanks.