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Tenretni Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Tenretni Ltd / Fraud

Jul 25, 2011

Hello everyone, I have the same story as you all. My husband and I bought a site from tenrentni. However my story is a bit different. I had an ebay shop as a second income as my husband has cancer and I came across this internet business. £995.00 I spoke to Dean on more than 3 ocassions advising him of the situation that my husband was going through chemo-therapy and he was unable to work so this would be a great second income. He full heartedly agreed and said he would be with us every step of the way. It took a bit for the site to become live then it was not at all what we had expected...

Tenretni Ltd / Scam and rip off


I bought an internet baby site back in october 2008 and recieved training from tenretni right up to the time I was ready to send my site live. Then they told me they were being investigated by trading standards and completly cut me off from any communications and I can now no longer run my web site as it has been taken off the web. I have sent them numerous emails to all concerned, but as yet have had no reply to emails and phone calls. I find this disgraceful and would like to help stop them trading and ripping other innocent people off.

Tenretni Ltd / Unbelievable


This company lured me into a purchase of two websites on Ebay. for a total of $6, 000.00 U.S. I spoke to the head of this company directly through Emails and by phone. He promised me a total refund if I wasn't completely satisfied!! COMPLETELY SATISFIED???? I'm not even remotely satisfied! These people lied to me from DAY ONE! they promised training i never got! they promised availablity I NEVER GOT! then when I begged them for a refund after SEVERAL AND I MEAN SEVERAL ATTEMPS AT EMAIL TO EVERY PERSON WITHIN THE COMPANY! They just completely ignored me and my attempts to rectifiy the...

Tenretni Ltd / Lack of conscience


Tenretni Ltd make their money through deception. They lie, cheat and fool you into thinking their websites and training packages are a great and easy way to make money and improve your life. Dean Taylor gained my confidence just long enough to get his hands on my hard earned cash. I once viewed people as good and bad - I now have a third group Tenretni Ltd. They took my money without a thought. Tenretni Ltd have two faces- one that smiles when you are helping further their agenda and being fooled by them and another that turns cold when you no longer support their scheming and ask for a...

Tenretni Ltd / Scam and lies


On November 2008 I bought from Tenretni ltd the bronze business for £995. What persuaded me to buy this business was not only the excellent letter ( but also the positive feedback from Ebay buyers. I was looking for a home business to increase my low income and hopefully quit my current job. When I got in touch with them by phone and spoke with Chris Young (one of the instructors) I believed that I was in safe hands. Soon the training started. Christmas was approaching and I was urged to study the material they gave me as soon as possible. Not long after the...

Tenretni Ltd / Scam and cheating


My story mirrors all the others. I paid Tenretni £1, 500 for a website and training package. Dean Taylor assured me all along the way that everything was genuine and that I would soon be making money. The website was certainly not fit for purpose and the training package was non- existent. On asking for a refund, the email reply from Peter Staples stated "we are unable to consider a refund in this instance".

Tenretni Ltd / Online scam


Late Nov 2008 I decided to follow my dream and eventually sail off in to the sunset by following the route of purchasing a 'very lucrative business' internet website off of ebay. I spoke to Joanne at length, as did my husband, and was persuaded that I should check out all the scam information sites to see if I could find anything detrimental about the company, and of course I did and subsequently found nothing bad. We also believed, maybe naively, that as Dean was a platinum seller on ebay and with all the testimonials, this company could be trusted. So following this I bought a site...