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Telstar Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Telstar Marketing / doesn't pay, just rehires every 3 weeks

Jun 28, 2012

Telstar just hired about 20 new employees, they had to there is hardly anybody left from their last hire. People quit because they don't get paid and get ignored when they start asking questions, or else they are fired if they complain about not getting paid. This may seem unbelievable that this company continues to do this month after month, but I am not exaggerating they do this so they never have to pay anyone, by the time your sapposed to be getting your first paycheck your fired and you never see any of it. We need to do something about this; file a claim with the board of labor, the...

Telstar Marketing - Ontario, Campbellford / Scam/Rip off/Do not pay employees/Liars/Cheats

Jun 20, 2012

Randy Crane aka Mark Nash aka John Robinson and God only knows who else "he" goes by! They hire you, training sucks...1st red flag! "He" and "team leaders" want you to say "whatever is necessary" to book appointments 2nd red flag! When asked about payday..."dont worry, what you have heard about NOT GETTING PAID by former employees, has been fixed! 3rd red flag! ...Pay day comes...NO PAY, "give us a chance" "the time difference, it will be there by 6" They still want you to continue working your shifts, (for nothing, is what happens) When Monday rolls around, you question where your pay...

Telstar Marketing - Nova Scotia, Springhill / No Pay

Jun 14, 2012

I have also been ripped off by Telstar Marketing and John Robinson. If you go to facebook under Randy Crane it is the same picture that is on Shiftplanner under John Robinson. We all received a complaint on shiftplanning from an ex employee and I was told he was mad because he was let go thats why hes posting here. I CAN VERIFY any and all complaints of not receiving my PAY from this company. Excuse after excuse, next day 100%. I write this complaint so no one else gets ripped of by Telstar Marketing and John Robinson/Mark Nash/Randy Crane or whichever alias he uses to rip everyone off. I am...

Telstar Marketing - Ontario, Campbellford / Don't pay employees

May 07, 2012

I am a former employee of Telstar Marketing. Although the CEO of this company calls himself Mark Nash, his actual name is Randy Crane, also known as the CEO of Tele-Pros Inc. There are countless reports on various rip off websites online, by both clients and employees, against Randy Crane and Tele-Pros. This would explain why Randy Crane now uses an alias. I have not had any success recovering the money that Randy Crane owes me. I have also spoken with many, many employees - both current and otherwise - who also tell me that they have been short paid, with some not even having been paid at...