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Telephone Service Complaints & Reviews

Telephone Service - Alberta, Edmonton / Creating Trouble

Nov 26, 2014

Someone from Union Telecom USA was calling me everyday, every time - doesn't matter whether I am working or sleeping. They are not good in English - may be Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi new Immigrants. They are not decent in behavior, not polite at all. They used very bad word when I refused to take their service. I think this is a fraud company and creating trouble for people.

Telephone Service - California, Encino / Rip Off


This compnay is so misleading, they think they are as good as AT&T. NO WAY! Their employees are so rude they put you on hold for eturnity if you ask for their supervisor. They suspend your phone is you are past due ONE MONTH. If they call you DON"T DO IT. They only do Business Accounts. The supervisor was ruder than the cusomer service rep. They said they are in the process of cutting my phone off for 24 to 72 hours even though they are paid in full right now and I paid 49.99 to restore my service.