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Telekom Malaysia Complaints & Reviews

Telekom Malaysia / Faulthy Telephone again and again.


“Effectiveness” of Telekom Malaysia Sdn. Berhad. The phones in my house have on and off for the past 3 years. The complaints have been made for the past 3 years for at least once in 3 months. This is extremely frustrating especially when you are doing a small home based business that heavily depends on phone. Without the phone, customers can not reach you. Recently, the problem has been worse. The phone has been on and off within just a few days after being fixed. My family members suspect that it was due to cable stolen issue because it happened quite often in our housing area. We...

Telekom Malaysia / worst & slow reconnection


I have been moved to new house since december 2009.. & i have made several complain to telekom since the day i move to new house. They have come to reconnect the phone line after 1 month but the phone line have problem after the day they reconnect. There was no sound at all. I call the technician to fix it but they say need to call the telekom center to complain it. I have call but no people pick up the phone. Secondly problem is the streamyx line. On the day they coming to reconnect the phone line, they promise us that the streamyx guy will coming to reconnect the line on 04.01.2010. But...

Telekom Malaysia / Tidak Apa Attitude


Dear Smart Consumers in Malaysia, Who say Telekom Malaysia staffs never do their jobs? Please read the excuses below that provided by their creative staffs - since I applied for a phone line in July 2008 after informed by Telekom that the phone services is ready at my area (Sri Utara, KL) and instructed me to make full initial payment and deposit: Creative Excuses by Telekom Malaysia: 1. Address given was wrong - I have verified this at Telekom Kepong Branch personally, confirm the address has been corrected few months ago. 2. No cable – Telekom staff has installed the cable in Sept...