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TELCO100 / app

Aug 24, 2017

I thought I was dreaming when I received phone call to place my business on the local Real Estate Agents Website. I had been ripped off 18 months ago by a business called App Nation and could not believe that the same business were offering me including the flight tickets for this App, but it was the same App as before. Really do you people think we are all silly, you may change your name but you will never be able to hide as us (small businesses) that you have ripped off will always find you, Scamming small business Telec100 you are a joke, should be jail.

TELCO100 / app (real estate)

Aug 23, 2017

Telco100 was App Nation who have ripped off so many businesses through this country. They went into liquidation in March as App Nation and started up again as Telco100, they are that smart they offer me another app with the local real estate under another name forgetting they had already ripped me off with the app and flight tickets. The person in question is Kristine Holley she has owner several businesses and keeps changing the names after she is either closed down or just closing, she went from Advertising R Us to Diamond Digital Print, to App R Us to App Nation and now to Telco100 still at...