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Techoni Technologies Pty Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Techoni Technologies Pty Ltd - New South Wales, Sydney Metro Area / Selling a used ex Hong Kong iphone 3 GS which was refurbished with non genuine parts

Dec 08, 2012

I purchased an Apple iphone3GS 32GB Mobile phone from Techoni Technologies and had to wait 2 weeks with no reply from them. Finally I telephone Techoni Technologies only to be advised that they had been out-of-stock. However, a new shipment had arrived and Techoni were waiting for them to be ‘cleared’ by the Customs and Techoni will send it within next 2-3 days. The iphone3GS arrived within 5 days. After using it for 2.5 weeks the iphone’s battery wasn’t holding a Full Charge and was fully discharging after 2 hours use. So I took iphone3 into the Perth CBD Apple Store...

Techoni Technologies Pty Ltd - New South Wales, Sydney Metro Area / service and

Aug 18, 2011

I placed an order for a simple mobile case cover then 2& 1/2 weeks later product not received, ring techoni the lady does not understand english properly, ten tells me that my order has not been sent yet, it was out of stock, but someone forgot to let me the customer know?? I then askto speak to the manager she (jenny) suddenly became the supervisor???? the manager was busy ?? then she was to get back to me with a solution .. I ring back she puts me on hold and then after 15min on hold hangs up on me??? I ring back and am still on hold?? Also on hold tyhey have been playing Australiana songs, but when they answer the phone they can't speak english properly