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TechniSource Complaints & Reviews

TechniSource - California / Frauds and Misrepresntation


Well I got scammed - the bait and switch. A company called Technisource in CA . They (Rajamani, Suresh) told me the bank (Onewest Bank Pasadena CA) wanted to hire me 90k full time permanent with benefits which I accepted and took me off the market. I was taking a $20k/year cut. Then, they tried to slick ### the deal to a 1 month contract at the $43/hr (90k) when they stated a contract was $65/hr. Bunch of ###. The guy’s name - Rajamani, Suresh. I should have known from the get-go not to trust anything out of his mouth. Fortunate for me, I’m trained in LAW. I’ve contracted for...

TechniSource - Florida / How many times they screwed me


Number of times i have been dissed/###ed by technisoure: 1 Offered a job and was assured that i had it for 17 dollars an hour. Was never given the job; Granted they did away with the job. 2 Offered 16 dollars, asked to take 15 and given 14 = ###ED 3 Took our Vacation Away = ###ed 4 Took our holidays away = ###ed 5 Will not even give us the opportunity to take over a pos. that is open, to further our career, instead they hire outside. = ###ed Conclusion: Bum ### Job, that i am stuck with, but moderately happy to have. Like i have said before I like the job, love the people, but it would be...

TechniSource - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Discrimination against disabled people


Glen Allen office "Senior Account Executive" called me and after talking to me about the wrong job, he came around and realized I was "extremely well qualified" with stellar references, a very high TS/SCI clearance, and 15 years experience. He negotiated the salary, asked me if I would work for Technisource directly, and also negotiated that salary. He said I would start around June 15th. When he asked me what "disability retirement" meant (from my government job I just retired from), I explained I had a disability, but required no accomodation at all. He kept asking more and more question...