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TCIM Services Complaints & Reviews

TCIM Services - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Employer mistreatment

Feb 23, 2011

I just want to echo the other comments about this employer. There is no respect among management for employees in this tough job market. I have never seen this kind of turnover anywhere. The problems I witnessed are as follows: It is nearly impossible to get your promised commission; Dishonesty is rewarded and honesty is punished; Employees have to provide their own office supplies (including pens, staples, paper, etc.); and supervisors constantly change sales rules without informing employees in a consistent manner-- which results in employees never getting their commission, or otherwise...

TCIM Services - Texas, Paris / Worst company EVER


I worked for TCIM in Paris, Texas twice. The first time, I was hired in July 2008 and I was only there for 5 weeks. The reason being because, after being on the floor for 3 days, after 3 weeks of training, they deleted me from the system. I was then told I would be put back in the next day, and I was sent home without pay, even though I was told during training that if any mistakes were made on their part, I would be paid. Two weeks later, I was still not put back in the system, and went those 2 weeks without pay, so I quit. The second time I worked for them, I was hired in December 2008. The...

TCIM Services - Oklahoma, Norman / Terrible company


I was terminated, on Monday, 4/29/02, after 15 months employment as a telemarketer, from TCIM Services in Norman, Oklahoma. I am 49 years old and received my one year employment raise, of 50 cents an hour, in February of 2002. I was terminated after already filing 3 EEOC complaints against TCIM, over the course of almost a year. My first 2 complaints on TCIM resulted in me obtaining from EEOC 2 letters granting a 90 day right to sue in Federal Court, but I did not pursue the matter, instead hoping things would improve. The initial complaint was for sexual harassment. I filed my third EEOC...