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Taylor Street Credit Complaints & Reviews

Taylor Street Credit - Florida / Refund


I said $4500 for seasoned tradelines on my credit. Its been almost two years and i dont see anything on my credit. This company is a scam. They charged me $4500 and did not perform the service. Before i paid them, they were nice and returning all my calls and answering my questions, after the payment, they failed to return calls and now are not available to speak. Justin Moseley is a big scammer and i really want my refund back. I worked very hard for this money and i really need it right now since i dont have a job. If they cant refund my money, at least perform the work that i paid for. Thanks! Shelveen Singh 951.208.8600

Taylor Street Credit / Services not performed


I had paid taylor street credit $4500 to fix my credit score. They had promised to raise my score in the 700s within 30 business days. It has been over a year now and no response from them. Not even ONE SINGLE thing happened to my credit. THis is a scam company that has scammed hundred of people. Now im trying to get a hold of them, and no answer. Phone goes to FAX. This is a fraud company and i strongly tell everyone not to do business with them. Im filing a lawsuit.