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Tavos ID Protect Complaints & Reviews

Tavos ID Protect - Ohio, Englewood / FRAUD!!


On 11/13/09 I checked my online banking account to find there was an unauthorized charge of $33.98 withdrawn from my checking account from a company I never heard of before named "Tavos ID Protect." I do not know this company and I certainly DID NOT authorize this charge to my account. I am reporting the abuse to my bank account right now as I'm keying this message. I googled Tavos ID Protect and found SEVERAL complaints of unauthorized charges from personal checking accounts.

Tavos ID Protect - Arizona / charges to my account


I guess I would have to say I myself was one of the lucky ones, It happened as I was sitting with my bank CSR at the time it happened. As she was looking up my account a unauthorized draft appeared on my pending transaction and she asked me if I was aware of it, I said no, she gave me the amount and I still said no, she asked if I should freeze the account, yes I responded and lucky for me the money was not pulled. The number I called was a toll free number they had on the draft to see what was going one. It happened while I was filling out for a payday loan online. So all I can say is if your...



I started noticing around the beginning of July, that money totaling 103.90 had been taken from my account by four different companies. One called Tavos ID protect, online resource center, protected id mgt and pdl resource site. Two checks for 17.97 and two for 33.98. I put input the web address from the returned check for all companies and low and behold, it came up with the same exact website each time. None of the people i spoke with, would admit that they were the same company. They told me they cancelled my so called "subscription" to their whatever it is and told me i would not be billed...

Tavos ID Protect - Georgia, Macon / Withdrawing unauthorized money from my bank account


I applied for a payday loan through the website over the internet. I was not asked to pay any fees nor did I authorize any fees to come from my account. As it turns out, in my state of residence, payday loans are not even legal anymore. I found a charge for $33.98 on my account from Tavos today and this was in no way authorized by me. I want to know who to contact to resolve this. If anyone knows, please contact me @ [email protected] Due to the nature of this type of fraud, I will pursue this legally if necessary. Thanks, Leslie Rogers