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Talk Talk Complaints & Reviews

Talk Talk / everything

Jan 23, 2013

talk talk after looking at what they could offer l decided to ring them up for broadband, telephone and TV went through the service they could provide after 30 Min's of this said they would send email to confirm never received this ! 2 hours later another Representative phoned me repeating everything that had been discussed with the first one told him id already gone through with this he cut me off, decided to phone the next day to see if everything was going through after being put through to various people then told lam not on the system, he said are you sure that's your name...

Talk Talk - England, Wiltshire, Swindon / payment

Jan 22, 2011

i done the contrack with talk talk on phone & he people told me if u dont like cancel in 10 days . we cancle this contrak on phone u pay only connection charge 39.00 pound i cancle this contrack in 7 days on phone & he told me your contrack is cancle we charge u 39.00 pound i say ok i agree & he take out money from my account in direct debit in netwest bank & he take money 89.00 pound near . & i cancle this direct debit on bank & next month talk talk people change the refrence & take it out money from my account 42.00 pound . i cancle again & he done same thing again after i say bank menager...

Talk Talk - England, West Yorkshire, Leeds / false advertisment


i have only been with talktalk for about 5months and i was promised 8meg speed . Im lucky to recieve 2 meg. . so my theory is as follows . . . . . If i go for a meal to mc'donnalds for example they will charge me for a full meal wont they. . so i will expect to recieve a burger, fries, and a drink. and nothing less . . . so how thew hell can talk talk keep charging me the full amount . and only give me the fries. . do you get the point ?? i am sick of being lied to consistently, and to make things even worse they refer your call to a call centr in . . . . . . . India . yeah india . .so...

Talk Talk / Awful customer service


I am disabled and live with my elderly father, the contract with Talk Talk is in his name but he does not go online. On the above date we completely lost service, as I recently lost my mobile phone this meant I had to disturb my next door neighbour and ask him if I could use his landline to call Talk Talk and notify them of the fault with our service. After being passed around from one department to another, I finally managed to report the fault, only to be informed that it could take up to 5 days to fix. I explained to them that as I am disabled I should get priority treatment but this seemed...