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Talent 6 Complaints & Reviews

Talent 6 / terrible company


So here's what I found on Talent 6. I was casting for a show ( a Live Event). I wanted to see a review of the show I did so I typed it in on 'Search' on the Internet. On one of the search results, the Talent 6 website popped up. I went to it and I saw the casting call that I wrote for Craigslist posted on their sight. It was very amusing to me so for giggles I decided to try and submit for it and it brought me to the page where I have to sign up for a subscription. I am not a member of Talent 6 but this told me a lot about the company. Basically they are taking casting calls from...

Talent 6 - California / rip off company


I was tricked into this service by paing the upfront fee of 39.95. I was given 2 weeks to try out for casting call submissions, but when I tried to cancel, I was not able to get through to the company. I tried calling again the next day, but it was one day to late to cancel the casting call monthly fee so the the person on the phone was only able to give me a partial refund. I was very turnd off because the person on the phone was telling me that they never received any phone calls from my number. I was also told that I would be getting calls from casting companies. To date, no calls from...