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Taco Casa Complaints & Reviews

Taco Casa - Ohio, Cincinnati / bad service and wait time to come away with no food.

May 5, 2015

Arrived at 11:15am have my order got a number stood and sat while everyone else's order was being filled after 15minutes or so I watched an employee start to make my order then leave it sit there partly made while all the other orders around me being filled and my food is still sitting there with other employees leaning over it to fill other orders so I asked what happened to my order and I am not eating that stuff everyone is working over the food you left laying there, now it is 45 minutes that I have been there. Then I was told there was no more black beans and if I want something...

Taco Casa / Terrible Service/Experience


The experience we had at this restaurant over the weekend was the worst we have ever experienced. We were accused of lying about saying they hadn't put sour cream on our item that was ordered. Then when they realized they were wrong they said that it was our fault that we had never ordered it in the first place, which we had. We had placed the order for it after our meal so we just paid in cash for it. So the mistake is understandable, however not the way it was handled. We were told we didn't pay for it so we shouldn't have had it on there anyway. Then they gave us a tiny cup...