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Sweepstakes Complaints & Reviews

Sweepstakes / scram

May 21, 2013

Just received "Official Mail Delivery from Award Assessment Division P.O. Box 2905 Kansas City, KS 66110-2905 asking for 11.89 for payment of Acquisition Fee mandatory if acquiring the Premium offer as RESERVED FOR DELIVERY. Barcode # 78359243-377630 on NG 27FRM E. What is this and I have 7 days to answer. U.S. Postage Paid Kansas City, MO Permit number 4280. Yet it has a postal stamp, howevere no date when it was mailed.

Sweepstakes / Fraud, upfront fee to collect sweepstakes winnings

Apr 22, 2011

This man has called me three times. I have told him I beleive him to be a fraud and he insists I call these numbers to verify he is legit. I looked the numbers up and they are jamaica phone numbers. 876-799-9532 he says is a number to reach him and he is working for FedEx. He also claims to be affiliated in this sweepstakes with bank of America and the number to verify them is 876-457-0447. Obviously I didnt call either and Im not giving him any money either but what do I do with him when he calls back. He claims to be Mark Anderson but sounds like he comes from where they dont name their babies Mark nor have any sir names of Anderson either.

Sweepstakes / Illegal actions


Received letter in mail titled: "Award Notification: Final Notice of Winning" Stating that I am a winner of "customer compensation draw" organized for customers of stores in the U.S & Canada (Best Buy, Costco, "Wall-mart", Sears, Lowe's, Home-Depot, Wendy's, Zellers, HP, Western Union, MoneyGram, Burger-King, Staples, Subway) Included is a check for 2357.00, a partial payment, & I'm supposed to send 1725.00 for taxes via Western Union or Money Gram. The word "order" on the check is spelled "oder" as well as Wal-Mart being misspelled. The contact person is Phil Russell @...

Sweepstakes - Ontario, Toronto / fraudlent


Mr. Kart Louis & associate is sending out fraudelent checks to individuals stating that they have won part of an 87 million dollars sweepstakes. the amount that he is sendding is $4815.00 and that we must send $2970.00 to him as a tax agent to pay off the taxes thatwe need to pay in order to receive our $250, 000.00. He is also using a bank name (Seacoast National Bank in Florida) but he forgot to put the right spelling for the bank. he spelled it Seacost. Thank God some of us did not fall for this SCAM. Think of all the people that can really use $250, 000.00 and fell for the scam and send him...