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supreme brands - vital acai Complaints & Reviews

supreme brands - vital acai - California, La Jolla / Vital Acai


VITAL ACAI I ordered a 15 day trial of Vital Acai after seeing it advertised on line. To my surprise an $85.36 charge showed up on my bank account. I called immediately and asked them to take the charge off. I had a package from them that I did not open and marked refused. I sent the package back through the mail to them. When I called, they said that if you do not call within the 15 day trial period they will keep charging your account and THEY HAVE NO REFUND POLICY PERIOD. VITAL ACAI VITAL ACAI - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY - IT IS A SCAM. They do not stand behind their products and...

supreme brands - vital acai - California, LaJolla / Deceiving FREE TRIAL


I too ordered the free trials (only pay S&H of $4.95) from this company for Vital Acai Pure Concentrate and received in the mail with the Terms & Conditions paper stating that you not only get charged for the S&H but also if you open them and try them - you will be charged $78.91 and then in 30 days will get more and your credit card will be charged. You only have 15 days to trial. The homepage on their website does not mention that you only have 15 days nor does it state that you will be charged $79 if you keep and auto shipments will then commence. Although, in the fine print at the bottom...