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Superstore Red Deer, AB Complaints & Reviews

Superstore Red Deer, AB - Alberta, Red Deer / Checkout

Oct 02, 2016

Just finished checking out and I go to walk and I don't see that an employee is behind me and I step back and accidentally stepped on her toe. She sighed in pain and when I realized I did that I felt bad and apologized saying "I'm so sorry". The woman was 50 maybe she had short grey hair and glasses and gave me, a paying customer, an awful glare and whispered "bi***" under her breath. I looked at her with confusion as I was so shocked by the I in professionalism. Working in retail can be rough, I have personally had boxes fall on me due to a customer and I would never have reacted to the situation the way she did. Definitely going to be filing a formal complaint.

Superstore Red Deer, AB - Alberta, Red Deer / Bakery department (rude and unacceptable behaviour)

Sep 18, 2016

I had all time problems in Superstore(bakery department)Red Deer, AB.Oksana Kifa is working there, she is rude and impolite to customers.They should to slice the bread when customer asked but some people have their own rules in the store and do what they want to do.She never slices because she does not want to do that.Before i never had problems like this.Today i came back from Superstore i was very stressful, disappointed and things like these are unacceptable.