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Sunny Talwar Complaints & Reviews

Sunny Talwar - Alberta, Edmonton / Fraudulent mortgages

Aug 20, 2016

Gareth Adrian Poole in Oakville, Canada, tries to bring people on board for a mortgage scam done by Sunny Talwar from Edmonton, Canada. Gareth and Sunny get you to use your available credit in credit to buy some properties. According to Gareth, "it's a good deal, nothing illegal, " and "my dad did one already. It's for people who rent and have no ambition of owning." This particular email this was copied from is from 22-26/09/2012. Gareth himself only does cash business and has not paid his taxes for years. If you do not pay him, then he has no issues finding people who will make you pay otherwise you may find you will not be able to walk.

Sunny Talwar - Alberta, Edmonton / mortgage scam

Oct 14, 2014

Sunny Talwar business partner of Parm brah parmadip brah Paul brah.Sunny Talwar gets the house loans for Parm brah who is scammer fraud and currently living in United States.Paul brah enters a verbal contract with a client and tells he has got twenty houses so he cannot buy houses on his name so He will buy the house on clients name and within six months house will be sold .The price of the house is prorated for eg if the house price is $400000 Sunny will prorate the house price to $550, 000 and get the loan from bank as mortgage consultant he has contacts with many banks. Once the loan i...