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SUNNY SPORTS Complaints & Reviews

SUNNY SPORTS - New Jersey, New Milford / False Advertisement and Fraud and Illegal Practices from this company


I recieved a trike i that i paid almost $3, 000 for itand I could not register it..besides that, the moped made alot of weird vibrations while at an intersection..the rear and front tires have bubbles on them clearly defective but yet the refused to send me a replacement tire...interesting enough..I spoke to the DMV in New Jersey and they told me they cannot legally sell me this vehicle because the manufacurer is not listed on their list of registerable brands..I have returned the moped to them and obtained my money back after 3 months of trying to get this issue resolved. What makes me really...

SUNNY SPORTS / Bad business practices


I bought a new scooter from this company. It quit running at only 555 miles while still under warranty. I did all the scheduled maintenance to the letter using high quality products. I tried to get them to fix it several times and they only gave me a run-a-round (i.e. tighten screws, adjust carb, etc. is all they said). I am not going to pay $400 or more to ship it to them. They could have a local bike shop to fix it free since it was under warranty. So now I am stuck with a $1, 279.00 ornament in my garage. Also, these scooters are made in China. I should have known better.