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Summit Commercial Finance Complaints & Reviews

Summit Commercial Finance - Arizona, Scottsdale / DEPOSIT NOT REFUNDED

Mar 21, 2011

Our company was to lease equipement through Summit and mailed them a deposit for said lease then 3 months later deal fell through but summit has not returned our deposit. After mulitple emails stating that they had submitted refund request still no refund as of today.

Summit Commercial Finance / Horrible company


If you like being lied to and losing your money then by all means use this company. I put in for a lease on some fitness equipment for a gym I was opening, they sent me a contract with a monthly payment figure on it. I sent it back with a 'deposit' check expecting my equipment from the seller. This guy then turns around after getting my deposit check and tells me that my monthly payment is now almost twice what was on the original contract. By the way, he cashed my deposit check before telling me this. So when I told him to take a hike and give me my money back he said that he could...