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sugarland schnauzers Complaints & Reviews

sugarland schnauzers - North Carolina / stole our money

Oct 19, 2011

Please dont buy a schnauzer from kat gibson of Sugarland schnauzers. she is a theif and a fraud. We sent three hundred dollar deposit through paypal into her account. could not get in touch with her by any form of communication until she was threatened by legal remedies. then she came up with an incredible story that all her puppies were stolen and she had to wait for an insurance check. Please keep in mind that because you claim someone broke into your home and stole all the puppies you cant send our deposit back. our deposit was in an account and our money was not stolen. making this story...

sugarland schnauzers - North Carolina / deposit

Oct 18, 2011

sent a deposit to Kat with sugarland schnauzers, and then no response for several days until threatehed with legal remedies. then she contacted with an incedible story that all the puppies had been stolen and had to wait to get an insurance check. I played the game until she tried to stall sending me my deposit back another two weeks. we filed a complaint with pay pal and or money was recovered. all i will say is steer clear of Sugarland Schnauzers. kat truly is a fraud