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Suffix Complaints & Reviews

Suffix - Massachusetts, Palmer / the store in a hole

Oct 12, 2018

Yes my name is Susan Barber and you recently opened its store in my town Palmer Mass at first the store was great but now it's dirty and not just once but always it's like a fire trap in there the Isles of clotted if there was ever a fire in that store I would show the burned alive when I brought this up to the manager there all she told me was well we don't have the Staffing to do anything about it and if you don't believe me then I'll show you my card just prove it I was very rude I know it's a new store and you have deliveries twice a day as I was told and that's the way the story is and if...

Suffix - Ohio, massillon / ordered a large peanut butter sundae and got a small. they made it wrong and acted like it was my fault

Jul 27, 2018

Massillon dairy queen on Lincoln way. I ordered a large peanut butter sundae and got a small. They didnt want to fix it acted like it was my fault. The date is 7-27-18. And they were rude and would not give me names of who was serving me. Even the management was rude and acted like she didnt want to fix my order. Was not happy at all with that dairy queen wont be going back