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Subscriptions4Less Complaints & Reviews

Subscriptions4Less / eBay change the cause?


It appears that all the complaints about Subscriptions4Less are about transactions from Spring 2008 to now (August 2008). I mention this because I've been using S4L for new and renewal magazine subscriptions for 3 years or more WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM -- until March of this year. Also, S4L's eBay feedback was exemplary. However, you may not realize that eBay first restricted, then dropped all the magazine vendors from the auction site about February or March of 2008, making their business dealings first difficult and then gone. In order to complete my last renewal, I had to bypa...

Subscriptions4Less / Fraud


I've just had the same experience. I paid for a 3 year subscription for the New Yorker magazine which I did not receive. My complaints to PayPal and eBay met with a blank wall and a Google search still shows this company as an eBay supplier. The annoying thing is to discover this review after I had paid! EBay are indeed an unreliable company and a method needs to be developed to ensure they deal with customer complaints in a customer friendly fashion. It's not enough to wash their hands off the matter! There needs to be an accessible website where all these cases are listed.

Subscriptions4Less / They had forgotten to submit my order


I bought a subscription from them off eBay on December 19, 2007 and they have yet to fulfil my order. The funny thing is that I emailed them and they responded and said that they would resubmit my order. They had forgotten to submit my order. I have paid for this and if they don't give me what I paid for, it is considered fraud and I will let as many people know about this as I can. I will also file many complaints online and let agencies know about it. eBay does not seem to want to help with this and I find that appalling. It's like they support fraud. I have sent them at least 3 emails recently and they will not respond.