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Apr 08, 2016

When I just found and saw all the pictures I was so excited and immediately placed an order. When I made my order I was sure that all the information I provided was correct, I checked it two times. But my order never arrived and they keep telling me that my item was already deliver to my house! But I did not get anything and they refuse to even listen! I already contacted PayPal and I hope they'll get my money back. Never again! / Seller doesn't provide any updates and impossible to reach him

Jul 12, 2014

I bought top from the company I paid about $100 for it and plus delivery. I hoped to get confirmation info, but the seller didn’t provide any info at all. I sent multiple emails, but no response. I have no idea what to do now, but I feel really desperate. Maybe someone has any idea how to track this seller and return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.