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STUDENT LOAN Complaints & Reviews

STUDENT LOAN - Georgia, RAFB / lost paid off loan ask for more money

May 6, 2013

I paid off loan Jan 2012. Sallie Mae called this week May 2013 asking for 346.00 no record of pay off. Where did that amount come from? the loan is 2600.00 Predator( satan seek to devour people's peace of mind) this kind comes out but by prayer & fasting.. 6 may 2013 in Jesus Christ name this company will dismantle/ move under state jurisdictions/ return over paid interest 100-400% / monies via check to students not lawyers. it is finished!!

STUDENT LOAN - New York, New York / The bank has my name attached to a loan I did not sign for

Jan 12, 2012

Bank of America, which is outsourcing to india, has my name attached to a student loan I never signed for. THey sold the loan to national colligiate trust and both companies refuse to address the matter. I did contact the State Attorney General and it is being looked in to but they have given me a seven year run around. My advice, avoid bank of america and national colligiate trust.



Since 2001, I have had two student loans with IDAPP. Edfinancial became the Loan Servicer of IDAPP on December 19, 2009. However, I was not notified in writing by either company. I discovered this on January 27, 2010 when I called IDAPP's number. Edfinancial answered IDAPPs number. The Edfinancial rep told me to fill out an online contact form, which I did. And that I would be contacted about my loan status during the first week of February 2010. Today, I called Edfinancial to inquire about my loan since I have not been contacted as stated. Today an Edfinancial manager told me to wait...

STUDENT LOAN - California / Debt Owed


My husband attended an online college by the name of AIU. After received his degree and transcripts in 2017 we received a debt collection notice from CONSERV in March of 2017. I contacted CONSERV to ask them for documentation of the debt owed on March 20, 2017. Any consumer would want to know what and why they have a debt. At this point CONSERV had not reported the debt to the credit bureaus and were going to hold the account until we had the documentation of the debt. We received the documentation on May 29, 2017 and called CONSERV to pay the bill only to find out that they reported the debt...