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Stonebridge Life Insurance Co. / Dental Insurance

Dec 05, 2015

I received an ad in the mail featuring dental insurance from Stonebridge Life. I called and signed up for the coverage. This was in March 2015. They took my checking account information to withdraw the monthly payments automatically which gave me a little discount on the premium. I was told it would take the underwriters about 2 weeks to process the info and so I patiently waited. I called 3 weeks later and was told the application had not yet been approved, so I waited longer. I was told at that time that when the payment was deducted I would know that I had coverage. They took thew first...

Stonebridge Life Insurance Co. / Fraud

Mar 22, 2014

I received a JC Penney bill in Mar. 2014 with a charge in Feb 2014 and another in Mar 2014, for an "Accident" policy from Stonebridge billed to my Penney account. $15.20 per month for a total of $30.40 due immediately. I had never heard of stonebridge before I got that bill, and I certainly never bought anything from a company that I never heard of. I closed my JC Penney account because of this, and that had better be the last time I ever hear anything from, or about, Stonebridge.