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stay at home mom and working dad Complaints & Reviews

stay at home mom and working dad - Michigan, Howell / Huggies overnites size 4 & 5

Jul 15, 2016

To whom it may concern, My name is Tara Stang. I have a son named Micah that turned 2 yrs old March 28th. So since then I have been a strickly huggies customer. We have always used little movers that have served us pretty well. When my son started sleeping through the night we switched to huggies overnites for bedtime. They are said to be guaranteed to keep little ones dry without wet troughs throughout the night. Unfortunately my son has a urine blow out at least every other night. Which includes him waking up around 6-7 hrs after he's put to sleep. Obviously quite earlier than his needed...

stay at home mom and working dad - Georgia, Augusta / rip offs and liars


I am a hughes net customer and when i spoke to a representative about the service I was assured that it was fast and affordable and great They convinced me that it really was high speed internet so instead of going with comcast like i first thought of doing i decided to go with Hughes net they locked me in to a 2 year contract (which I did not find out until all my paperwork was filled out and my service was installed) and as soon as the internet was hooked up i ended up getting a bad virus that wiped out my internet explorer. The service itself sucks the customer service is even worse when i...