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Stark Law Firm Complaints & Reviews

Stark Law Firm / Threatening Collection Call

Jul 05, 2015

This firm called me demanding to be paid on a payday loan that I did not take out. In looking up the firm at you will find there are numerous complaints about the same call I received. They will not send you any documentation but demand in a loud, threatening voice that unless you pay them $690 right now on a payday loan of $300, they will take you to court at which time you will be paying $2, 690. I told them I needed more information. What is really bad is they have all your information - social security number, address, work and cell phone...

Stark Law Firm / Fraud & Collection

Jun 30, 2015

Evonne Martin from Stark Law Firm called my husbands work and said that they had a case against him for fraud on a $300.00 loan in April 2014 that he did not receive and if he paid it today they could settle it for $690.00. If it went to court it would be between $2000.00 to $3000.00 after we paid the court cost. They called at our house the number came up Toll Free Caller 844-454-8070. This is very disturbing for us, since we pay our debts and know who we owe. They did not tell us that they were a collection office but that they were from Stark Law Firm. They said the papers would be mailed to us with proof.