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Staff MMJ Complaints & Reviews

Staff MMJ - Arizona, Phoenix / Scamming people trying to get a cannabis career

Oct 14, 2016

Staff MMJ Has Been Scamming People Trying To Get A Cannabis Career. They post ads on Craigslist claiming "They are hiring for delivery or bud tender positions" but when you call them up, it's actually a scam and some dude or chick will ask you for your credit card # over the phone in order to come down to a "certification class" which is absolutely pointless as all the information you need to become a budtender is available for free on the Internet. If you are a Medical Marijuana card holder, like I am, then you probably already know enough about Sativa/Hybrids/Indica...

Staff MMJ - Arizona, Phoenix / Unethical scam trying to rip off people entering the cannabis industry

Oct 14, 2016

Staff MMJ is a huge scam! Staff MMJ has been scamming tons of people by posting several ads on Craigslist recently telling people that they are involved with the cannabis industry and that they have the hookup with several dispensaries. When I asked which dispensaries they are involved with, they said they can't reveal that information. I did some research online and came across multiple complaints from people that have been scammed by Staff MMJ When I talked to this little girl on the phone and she didn't like my tone, she told me that...