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Sri Kalki Constructions Complaints & Reviews

Sri Kalki Constructions / delay in construction and sub-standard quality

Jul 10, 2011

Sri Kalki Supreme Constructions is a cunning builder (Mr Ramamurthy Naidu) who takes money from buyers and then cheats them by providing sub standard products. He is a very cunning, filthy and cheap builder who will initially quote a very low price saying it is an introductory offer and he will complete the construction in a fixed time line. Then he will take you for a ride. He will not complete the work and he will say all useless reasons like people are on available, rains etc. Once the wait is over there are more shocks for the customer. Initially he gave a sheet saying he will be using the...

Sri Kalki Constructions / Kalki Heights Project

Apr 21, 2011

Sri Kalki Supreme is a construction company in Hyderabad. Their project in Madeenaguda called Kalki Heights is the worst project I have ever seen in my life. We booked a flat B-403 with them when the project was in the brick work stage in the month of January 2010. Till date the builder has not completed the project and sites reasons like rain as reasons for the delay. His promised date for delivery for people who booked even before us was May 2010. Mr. Ramamurthy Naidu is a big cheat, does not have ethics and does not deserve to be in the construction business. He makes false promises and...