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South Coast Recovery Complaints & Reviews

South Coast Recovery - California, San Clemente / Fraud

Jul 28, 2013

Interference and fraud, harassment, maltreatment: August 2006 through October 2006 conspiracy to rid me of funds through forced and unneeded psyche ward visit that resulted in medical abuse; medical induced verbal aggression; false diagnosis with intent to discredit. Third party criminal influence to some staff and some fellow clients

South Coast Recovery - California, San Clemente / Can't say enough


I realize there are many reasons people complain about a company, and many of those reasons may be warranted; I just have no complaints to add to the list. What I would like to express, for those who may find themselves searching this venue is this: South Coast Recovery SAVED my son's life. I am not over stating the facts; I am saying thank you for what you did to help my son find his way to recovery. Addiction is such a sensitive subject, and many families are searching for a one-stop cure-all solution, and frankly, there is not one at least not that I have found. What I can tell you i...

South Coast Recovery - California / Manipulation & Misrepresentation


South Coast Recovery makes you pay totally up front - they are true scam artists in that they totally misrepresent their services to you - don't believe anything Ryan tells you - he would sell his own mother's soul! Of course, then try to get your money back later on when you find out that the place is a total sham. I was supposed to receive a natural IV form of detox (NTR) for opiates. They had received a list of all of my meds well before my arrival there. They purposely make you wait for hours to see a doctor after you arrive (as you are going through major hard withdrawal) so...