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South Beach Skincare Complaints & Reviews

South Beach Skincare / hollywood, fl 33020

Feb 20, 2019

Life Cell (South Beach Skincare) sent a sample free of charge, and then billed me $189 30 days later when the 'free trial' ended. I returned the product per their requirements within the 30 day period. They still charged my card. I currently have a complaint in with the BBB and have disputed the charge with my credit card company. The agent was extremely argumentative when I contacted them and said I wanted to return the product, and kept trying to create a scenario where I would be billed $189 for a tube of mediocre face cream. Total, total, scam.

South Beach Skincare - Florida, Hollywood / skin problems from using the product

Apr 07, 2013

I purchased the trial offer. Used the product 3 times and blister like pimples broke out on my skin, they hurt and itched very badly. I still have red like pimples on my skin from this product. I have had to use Neosporin + pain relief cream for the itching. I am sending the product back and it is within the 30 day trial period and I had better not be charged the price of $189. for the awful product. I just wonder if this has happened to anyone else. This product is very bad, I have used a lot of product's for skin care and have never had anything like this happen. Attached is a picture of my chest area you can see the bumps and redness.