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South Beach Brite Complaints & Reviews

South Beach Brite / South Beach Brite SCAM!


This company is a scam. This product is a scam. You pay a total of about 3 bucks for these products. Then when you get them you realize in small print it says something about a 14 day trial. I was stupid and didn't research them before ordering the product because there were a lot of reviews of the problems people have had. I called to cancel this so called trail. They then told me that I had to send the product back unused by the next day, or I would get charged 79.99. He then said I could make it easier and cancel your membership and let you keep the product for 19.95. I said no thank...

South Beach Brite - Florida / POSSIBLE SCAM


i dont know about it being a scam... i read the fine print and it states that if you decide not to cancel the trial, you are conveniently enrolled in their membership... and you will be charge such and such amount and your first order will be sent out such and such a date... scam? no... sneaky? yes... i had already ordered when i found this print... i was looking for a customer service number because i expected both shipments to be 1.95... which wasnt and thats when i stumbled on the automatic membership... 9/28 i kept reading the complaints... i went into the branch and cancelled my card and got a...

South Beach Brite - Florida / teeth whitener


On Aug. 29th I came across a compelling website offering advice on how to get whiter teeth by using 2 different products. One of the products is South Beach Brite. After ordering a FREE (just pay shipping and handling )"trial" product on-line a confirmation e-mail arrived but I could not open the referenced website. This made me suspicious and I went on the internet to find the website. To my surprise I saw headings that listed complaints about the company and the fraudulent way they conduct business. It seems that you not only get charged the 4.95 shipping and handling but have additional...