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Sonic Solutions Online Store Complaints & Reviews

Sonic Solutions Online Store - Ontario / AWFUL Support

Jan 31, 2013

Purchased the software and adapters from the company, shipping was slow; but the really issue was the AWFUL support. I could not get the product to work though I had the system requirements and I am of a technical mindset. When I looked online I could not find the answer and when I phoned in the man ask for MORE money than the original purchase price of $69.99 for product bought, he said for a "support agreement" to get online support the same place I could not find the answer in the first place. In the end it turned out the problem that I discovered MYSELF product input was set to microphone...

Sonic Solutions Online Store - Texas / failure to honor conditions of offer


Purchased Toast from an older, higher-priced offer that included a "Free Blu-ray plugin." Company was already offering Toast at a lower price, but without the 'free' plugin. Was charged the higher price, but the plugin was not included. Spent several days on phone and with email, contacting both Sonic Solutions Online Store (distributor) and to Roxio (product producer), attempting to get either the 'free plugin' (not allowed, they say) or a price reduction. I've supplied all information requested by the company but have received no credit. When I ask what the status i...