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Solid Oak Warehouse Complaints & Reviews

Solid Oak Warehouse / tARDINESS OF REFUNDS

Jun 17, 2011

BEWARE!!! This is an oak company that will take your money out of your account faster than you can make the order. Hold it for 6-8 weeks then tell you their suppliers have let them down, even though you previously have been given a delivery date!Cancel the order then let's see how well you can get your own money back off them!! They initially have excuses if you e-mail or phone eg the accounts person is on holiday.They will hold your money for the full 30 days they have to pay you back(Apparently this is legal!!!). But then it does not materialise.Now they won't answer your phone...

Solid Oak Warehouse / Simply terrible


Ordered a solid oak dining table and matching chairs from their website "". Had problems with delivery, with the table which had cracks in it and with the chairs (not matching). I insisted on returning all the goods to them and demanded a full refund which they said was no problem. This was almost 3 weeks ago. We call daily to be told there is nobody that can deal with our claim, all the management and accountants are in the Far East and that there is no immediate return date.