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Smoking everywhere Complaints & Reviews

Smoking everywhere - Georgia, Macon / Faulty Product / False Advertising

Feb 14, 2011

I order the Gold One Kit, and received the wrong product. The company sent me their Poker Kit. The day I received, I unboxed the product and tried to use it. The ecig did not work. I decided that maybe it needed to be charged. After charging, the battery will not work the ecig, and the unit does not make any vapor. The battery has a light that indicates when you are inhaling and that light has never worked. I have contacted the company by email, and left messages but have never so much as received a call back or any communications. These people are criminal. They stole my money, and sent me an unusable box of ecig parts with a couple of decks of cards. I am furious.

Smoking everywhere - Florida, Fort Walton Beach / call the Sunrise police!


I posted a complaint last night on this site. For all those who have been ripped off by this company, please call the Sunrise Florida Police Dept to file a complaint with them, against this company. Their number is 954-746-3600. I believe the company has more than one name for the business online. The unauthorized withdrawal from my account has the name of Smoke51anywhere and I see that the list of complaints here read Smoking Everywhere. When you click on a link for Smoke51Anywhere a website pops up that simply says Electric Cigarettes. I called the Sunrise police a few minutes ago and the...

Smoking everywhere - Florida, Sunrise / Charged for Filters


I paid for smokingeverywhere electronic cigarette & 2 weeks ago when I rec`d 2 boxes of filters the statement said no charge. I looked on my master card statement charged me $17.??. I would like to unsubscribe so I won`t receive anymore filters. My husband passed away 11/13/2009 & I haven`t tried this product yet. Thank you Mrs. Sharon Alspaugh 1390 Wayne St. Apt. C Troy, OH. 45373.

Smoking everywhere - Florida, Sunrise / Unauthorized Bank Withdrawals


-Update To My Previous Post- Rarely one to voice a complaint w/o also working to secure a solution, I spent a part of my day off searching for answers...and like a dog on a bone, I can promise anyone who cares to read this, I will reach a solution, even if it means I have to throw a few more dollars at the problem, not to mention precious time! So, I'm completing paperwork for my bank to file a dispute, and have emailed an attorney re: options. In addition, I've contacted another person on this site who's also determined to stop the unauthorized w/d's on her account and if possible from others' as well. That's it for today...or until my net post.

Smoking everywhere - Florida, Sunrise / Bank account Theft


THIS IS what they'll post on your bank statement: U2 SMOKINGEVERYWHERE80 800-613-0337 FL (along with their unauthorized charges) -----------BUYER BEWARE! MAJOR SCAM & CON-ARTISTS AT WORK HERE-------------------- I ordered the 9.99 trial and cancelled within the two weeks as instructed for per their "guaranteed" no further billing policy. They ignored my request, (per their request) and I mean via phone and emails. I have all the dates and times, spoke with "Blondine" # 42328, 2x and most recently with "Phillanna" # 42530. Was told 2x by Blondine I'd receive a refund of my money...

Smoking everywhere / Buyer beware


Ordered free trial online and it was promptly billed to my credit card for shipping.well, nothing sent for over 30 days, so I guess my 14 day free trial went away!!! I called and cancelled my order after going thru a looping telephone system for an hour.So now my product arrives almost 45 later and they billed me the full price 99.95 after I had cancelled. I called my credit card company and is in dipute and once agin called cigarette company and went thru the loop onl;y to get hung up on. I still have the package, unopened, and refuse to even think about paying for return shipping.What a scam...buyers beware..

Smoking everywhere - Florida, Sunrise / phony charges


I decided to try the smokeless cigarette for a trial period in which I paid 9.95, I immediatley sent it back when it read that if you try it you buy it after I recieved the trial product. Since I sent it back several weeks ago I have been charged $99.02, 49.99, 49.99 and another 49.99 on my credit card. I have tried to contact this company and have had no success. In the meantime I have been charged for over limit charges to my account. I have tried to stop them from adding anymore charges. Any advice on how to get my money back would be greatly appreciated.

Smoking everywhere - Florida, Sunrise / Fraud Charges


Do not buy from this Company, not only their product does not work, they will scam you. They say 14 day trial, but they charge you $9.95 If you want to canceled you need to wait until you received the product, and that takes over 3 weeks, Then they tell you the 14 days is up, they start counting, when they confirm your order. So then they bill you $99.95 And you need to cancel any subscritions, (which until now they can not explain what it is) because I call them and canceled. They say no more charges, one month later another charge of $49.95 and I have not order anything else from them. You...

Smoking everywhere - Florida / Scam


When sign up as an affiliate - you do not receive any commissions - they just say they are having technical problems and will get back to you - but they never do. You do all the selling and they are not giving commissions. It is a scam.